Adrian Hilton

DIRECTOR - Centre for Vision, Speech & Signal Processing

University of Surrey, UK

professor of Computer Vision & Graphics

Royal Society Industry Fellow, Framestore


In January 2012 I became Director of the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) at the University of Surrey. CVSSP is one of the largest UK research groups in computer vision, pattern recognition, signal processing and multimedia communication with over 100 researchers and a grant portfolio in excess of £9M. The centre was founded in 1986 by Prof.Josef Kittler establishing internationally recognised expertise in pattern recognition and computer vision. A characteristic of the centre’s research has always been the combination of generic theoretical advances with practical application to specific problem domains in collaboration with industry. Today the centre offers a vibrant research environment with interests spanning spatial audio to 4D space-time signal processing for entertainment and medical applications.

I also lead Visual Media Research (V-Lab) in CVSSP which is conducting research in video analysis, computer vision and graphics for next generation communication and entertainment applications. From 2008-12 I was supported by a Royal Society Industry Fellowship to conduct research with leading visual-effects company Framestore investigating 4D technologies for Digital Doubles in film production.

The goal of my research is to bridge-the-gap between real and computer generated imagery. My research combines the fields of computer vision, graphics and animation to investigate new methods for reconstruction, modelling and understanding of the real world from images and video. 

Applications include: sports analysis (soccer, rugby, athletics), 3D TV and film production, visual effects, character animation for games, digital doubles for film and facial animation for visual communication.

Current research is focused on video-based measurement in sports, multiple camera systems in film and TV production, and 3D video for highly realistic animation of people and faces. Research is conducted in collaboration with UK companies in the creative industries.

Please contact me if you are interested in current PhD and post-doctoral research opportunities.